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Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners

Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners are recognized world leaders in the manufacturing of dry/wet vacuum cleaners. It has been established for over 40 years and has been manufacturing innovative, high quality vacuum cleaners and the required accessories. It offers the best vacuum cleaners for consumers as well as for industrial and commercial applications. The product offers its customers the reliability and durability they seek.

Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaner remains a trusted name in the business and offers a large product line which includes products for commercial as well as industrial use. Basically Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners come as two categories of vacuum cleaners - horsepower and tank size. Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaner is a reliable product with a variety of vacuums for daily needs.

Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners come in various sizes and styles and boasts of some of the specialty machines such as for power tool use. The models also include automatic pump out for removal of water in flooded basement areas and like. The features which distinguish it from other products are as follows.

  • Storage Tank – Shop Vac provides storage tank of adequate size for use in cleaning purposes. It can pack enough volume to handle sizeable jobs.

  • Filtering – Filtering never is a big issue with vacuum cleaners, but it is definitely a nice feature that could come in handy in some situations. Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaner does an excellent job of filtering out the dust and common allergens when in the dry mode.

  • Hose and Nozzle – The locking hose is an important feature in a wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaner. These strengthen the one vulnerable part of the machine.

  • Cords – Shop Vac provides an extremely long chord for effective and efficient use.

    The wide range of Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners on offer is listed below.

    Shop Vac Professional Hand Held Vac: This is a portable and light weight vacuum cleaner with quiet operation. It is perfect for tough clean up tasks. Its efficiency is enhanced by 20 foot power cord and other added features.

    Shop Vac Hang Up Mini: This is a vacuum cleaner that is convenient, versatile and can clean-up your garage, room or office quickly. Hang Up Mini is good choice since it takes little space, is easy to handle and is perfect for a quick clean.

    Shop Vac All Around Plus: This is a vacuum cleaner that works in both wet and dry conditions and can be easily carried anywhere. It is lightweight, portable and packs in a lot of power.

    Shop Vac UltraBlowerVac Series: Vacuum cleaners in this series come along with blowers and work very well in both wet and dry conditions. The blower is detachable and can be left separately when not required.

    Shop Vac Industrial: This is used for some heavy-duty cleaning. With 22 gallon capacity and 6.5 Peak HP, it works well both in wet and dry conditions.

    The company maintains high standard of engineering and manufacturing practices to keep Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners ahead in the race. It is not surprising that it has emerged as one of the best vacuum cleaner in the industry with high vacuum rating.

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