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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured by Rexair Cleaners. It was in 1920 when the original idea of a bagless vacuum cleaner emerged. John W. Newcombe designed an appliance that separates dust and particles present in the air. Later on Lesile H. Green joined with Newcombe to develop the vacuum cleaner - 'Newcombe Bagless'. Rexair was formed in 1929 and it still owns the rights for producing the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners.

The cleaning system of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, which includes its vacuum parts, vacuum belts, etc, helps in an efficient vacuum cleaning. It is the latest evolution in the cleaning system and has gained its popularity because of its innovative idea of using a unique water based filtration system, which is responsible for removing dirt and airborne particles. The idea behind water filtration system is that the wet dirt and particles cannot fly and hence are not re-deposited into the air. It uses a HEPA Neutralizer Filtration system in addition to the water filtration system which ensures best vacuum cleaning. Ever since, the Rainbow model has utilized the power of water in their product line.

The use of water in the filtration system is one of the main advantages of using the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. This feature sets it apart from the other products through a good vacuum rating. The water filtration system raps almost all of the household dirt. An effective vacuum cleaning provided by Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner ensures less sneezing, less allergic reactions and less choking from the dusty environment. The HEPA Neutralizer even traps the dust which is not visible through naked eyes. The combination of HEPA filters with the water filtration technology makes it one of the best vacuum cleaners in the industry.

Another special feature of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is a special fragrance kit which removes any bad odor in the room. The popular models of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners are as below.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner E Series: The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner E Series is a completely new innovative design which has proved to be very popular and successful. The product features many functional changes and is known for its endurance. The E Series machines are remarkably different from the previous machines. This is possible solely due to the adoption of the latest technology.

Rainbow D Series Vacuum Cleaner: This model features water filtration system with HEPA filters which together make one of the best vacuum filter system. Additional features include a variety of tools which helps in effective vacuum cleaning and a convenient power nozzle. Overall, this is a vacuum cleaner with most advanced techniques and excellent vacuum rating.

Today, Rexir produces Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners with adaptation to the vibrant and ever advancing technology and strives to gain the trust of its customers and improve its product and services from better to best. Overall, Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners combine the power of air with that of water and together create cleaning machines that efficiently satisfy the needs of all.

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