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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners owe its success to its creator James Dyson who had earlier deigned a sea truck, ballbarrow and other equipment. It was his zeal to design a product par excellence that has helped Dyson Vacuum Cleaner to achieve sales of over $6 billion. His design of an industrial cyclone tower, which removed dusts with force greater than 100,000 times that of gravity led to the invention of worldÂ’s first bag less vacuum cleaner. This equipment removed the chance of clogging, besides giving awesome suction power.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is controlled by a microchip which is responsible for creating 88,000 RPM. The installation of carbon free motors is one of the striking features of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners. It runs the motors smoother and also prevents the smell which is produced when carbon particles are injected for vacuuming. The use of digital motors and carbon motors make it a light weight vacuum cleaner. It is the prime reason that the motors of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners last much longer compared to the motors of other vacuum cleaners.

Most of the vacuum cleaners have a tendency to lose their suction power. Dyson has overcome this flaw with the invention of Root Cyclone Technology which acts in a way similar to tornado picking up trees and vehicles from the ground. Using bag less design, the Root Cyclone Technology creates a high level of centrifugal force and hence leads to an effective cleaning operation. Dyson ball is another technological advancement in Dyson Vacuum Cleaners that sets it apart from other vacuum cleaners. The ball results in vacuum action so that the edges are cleaned deeply and can be reached easily. This is an acclaimed design which lends Dyson Vacuum Cleaners easy maneuverability and efficiency.

A wide range of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is available featuring special attributes and advantages.

Dyson DC14: It comes with Root Cyclone Technology with a high reach wand which eases extension and storage. This model is known for its high reach as well as cleaning ability.

Dyson DC17: Dyson asserts DC17 to be one of the best with a Root Cyclone Technology of level 3. Hence, it has an improved version of Root Cyclone Technology and also comprises of quick draw wand with high extension.

Dyson DC24: This model of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner gives easy motion cleaning. Standard Root Cyclone Technology is involved. It is quiet preferred since it offers a superior suction. It is a small machine that fits easily into compact storage places.

Dyson DC25: This model comes with a Dyson Ball which enhances effective cleaning and is complete with Root Cyclone Technology and a quick draw wand. It is quiet similar to DC24 Model but is not as compact as DC24.

On the whole, Dyson Vacuum Cleaner with its Root Cyclone Technology, use of carbon and digital motors and Dyson Ball technology is one of the most efficient and preferred machines in the industry.

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