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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, as is obvious from its name, are cordless devices which serve the purpose of a vacuum cleaner. They offer both convenience and flexibility since they can be carried anywhere, without inconvenience of a long electric chord. They come in a variety of sizes and with variety of different features and enjoys a good vacuum rating.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is designed to operate using battery back up which needs to be charged frequently. It is normally a light weight appliance and is quiet easy to manage. Its obvious advantage is that it speeds up the cleaning process since it is unnecessary to stop and untangle or otherwise move the vacuum cord out of the way.

Another major benefit of the cordless vacuum cleaner is that most models are also bagless vacuum cleaners. Hence, rather than using a conventional vacuum bag that must be disposed of when it is full, the cordless vacuum makes use of a detachable collection chamber. When the chamber is filled to the capacity, it is removed from the main unit and the contents dumped into the trash. And hence it eliminates the need for replacement of bags. It helps save a great deal of money over the life of a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

The popular models of cordless vacuum cleaners with good vacuum rating available for use are :

Electrolux Eureka 96D/F Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum: This model comes with a boss light. It is a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with on/off motorized brushroll which is perfect for deep and efficient cleaning. Recharger comes with wall-mounting bracket.

Electrolux Eureka 96D Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum: This model is perfect for deep cleaning. The Recharger comes with wall-mounting bracket. It quickly and easily cleans carpets and bare floors without a cord. It conveniently converts to a hand vacuum for easy stair cleaning and is great for removal of pet hair and lint from furniture.

Dyson DC16 ROOT 6 Cordless Cleaner: This is a new hand held, cordless cleaner from Dyson with one-touch emptying, lifetime filters and Root6Cyclone technology to ensure that there is no clogged filter or loss of suction. It is perfect for the cleaning and for daily use purposes. Besides cordless, it is preferred over other vacuum cleaners.

DeWalt Cordless Site Vacuum Cleaner: This model accompanies On-Board Storage for Hose, Power Cord and Accessories. It operates from 240V supply and includes 1.5m rubber hose, crevice tool and wide nozzle which ensure effective cleaning providing full satisfaction to the customers.

Overall, Cordless Vacuum Cleaners are good for sweeping vinyl floors, wood floors, tiles floors and even carpets. Since cordless vacuums are lightweight and portable, they are usually very easy to store and hence they are preferred over the other bulky models of vacuum cleaners.

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