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Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Vacuum Cleaners are the finest vacuum cleaners manufactured by Miele company. The foundation of the company was laid in the year 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Ever since it has been a hereditary business. Miele aims at manufacturing the finest quality domestic appliances. It believes in continuous innovation of the business and strives to provide full satisfaction to its customers in terms of its end products and services. This is solely the reason Miele is respected all over for its unmatched product quality.

For over a century, Miele Vacuum Cleaner has remained as one of the best vacuum cleaners especially for the allergy sufferers and asthma patients. The features which have made it one of the best in the vacuum rating are as follows.

  • Ease of Use - It carries all its tools on board for the convenient access. The tools accompanied are always of top-notch quality and fit out together. It has a hygienic and allergy effective way of removing the bags once they are full.

  • Filtration Efficiency – It accompanies Miele certified S class of HEPA Filter which is known to be the best vacuum filter as of yet. The filter contains a thin layer of charcoal for odor control. They capture even the finest particles and hence increases the filtration efficiency of the machine.

  • Reliability – The two fan motor design means that it extends the life of the motor by reducing the wear and tear on the ball bearings and the motor brushes. There is an accompanied heat sensor which turns on when there is a clog and, therefore, prevents it from overheating.

    Miele Vacuum Cleaners includes a telescopic wand which is an inexpensive optional accessory. The range of products offered for use are listed below.

    Miele S7580: The Miele S7580 is the pinnacle in upright vacuum luxury with German quality construction. It is fully featured with all the bells and whistles including a swivel neck for the easiest handling ever, finger tip +/- electronic controls, automatic suction setting and bag full and filter change indicators.

    Miele S7210: This vacuum cleaner is an Upright (Beat & Brush) cleaner. It has a plastic Telescopic tube.

    Miele CAT DOG TT5000: This vacuum cleaner is a Sledge cleaner, with Integrated Tools, Automatic Cable Rewind and a Metal Telescopic tub. This is the best product among the lot due to its efficiency and durability.

    Miele Vacuum Cleaners have built a reputation on three things - superior filtration, ease of use and reliability. The Miele level of filtration is legendary and it has managed time and again to increase the bar on themselves. The alterations that Miele has made have added up to an increased level of consumer usability which is unmatched in the industry. The Miele Vacuum Cleaners are 'friendly', and hence provides maximum ease of use.

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