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Shop Vac All Around Plus Vacuum Cleaner

Shop Vac All Around Plus is known for providing the power of a full size vacuum cleaner coupled with the convenience of portability. It provides the customer the option of carrying the unit around without too much effort for extremely effective cleaning.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • The unit comes with a cord of 18 feet and a hose of 8 feet, thereby giving it an operating radius of almost 25 feet.

  • It comes with a suction pressure of 60 inches, which means that it can life a column of water by up to 60 inches in a glass tube.

  • The motor comes with a peak power of 4.5 hp and has a tank with a capacity of 4 gallons.

  • A gulper nozzle is included for effective cleaning.

  • It gives very low noise while operating and is hence a popular choice in areas where noise is a concern.


This vacuum cleaner is covered by a warranty of 3 years, wherein the company promises to either repair or replace the unit free of charge if found defective in workmanship or materials used.


  • It is easily available and can be bought from a number of stores like Ace Hardware Stores, Bennett Bros., Do It Best Stores, NEXCOM, Orgill Brothers and Target.

  • The unit has the capability to move about 175 cubic feet of air every minute thereby providing a CFM of 175.

  • It also has the blower feature that allows you to give out air instead of sucking in air and can hence be used for inflating balloons and other objects.


  • The filter needs to be cleaned at regular intervals and replaced when required for maintaining peak performance.

Shop Vac All Around Plus Review

The Shop Vac All Around Plus has a variety of accessories that help in completing a great number of jobs with minimum time and effort. To different extension wands help reach hard to reach areas while a crevice tool can clean even the farthest of corners. It also has a dual surface nozzle that helps in cleaning both hard surfaces and carpets with equal ease.

A cartridge filter is also included along with a disposable filter bag that can be thrown away once it gets filled up. To top it all, these different accessories can be easily stored on board the unit and can be retrieved when ever required without having to shut the unit and search for them. These units are extremely important for maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment and hence reduce chances of allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. These are ideal for homes with young children, old people and basically everyone in between as they offer convenient and powerful cleaning at all times.

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