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Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners are the appliances which help in the cleaning process using steam. It combines the use of chemicals and a high pressure blast of hot water which effectively removes the dirt and grime. The first steam cleaner was manufactured by Mr. Frank W. Ofeldt in 1927. The process of steam cleaning also finds its use to clean jewelery, tiles and bricks. As a detergent acts on the stains and dirt, the steam cleaner removes them using a strong vacuum.

Steam Cleaners are considered more effective than vacuum cleaners and are considered more powerful and reasonable than the later. Its container is filled with water that uses a heating element to boil and hence steam is created. It is then transferred through a hose or nozzle. It accompanies a cooling tool attached to it.

The main benefits of using Steam Cleaners are as follows.

  • Steam is a natural source. The devise uses just water to create a very powerful force

  • There is an absence of harmful and expensive chemicals and hence makes cleaning quite easy and safe

  • Steam leaves no toxic residues on surfaces and does not stain clothing

  • It kill e-coli and salmonella which are known to be harmful bacteria. Since it just uses water to create a powerful steam, it is quite environment friendly

    It is handy for cleaning metal blinds, curtains and bedding as well and its accessories enables to reach hard-to-reach spots. Use of water makes it quite user friendly as compared to vacuum cleaners. The wide range of Steam Cleaners available for use are listed below.

    McCulloch MC-1275: It cleans the surfaces using only water instead of harmful chemical detergents. McCulloch works well on tile, floors and appliances. It is powerful enough for tougher stains.

    Steamfast-sf-227: The SteamFast SF-227's long nozzle helps get into tight spaces. Its 10-ounce tank allows storing of water. This model is a hand held steam cleaner and hence is preferable for use since it can reach even hard to reach areas.

    Whitewing-steamer: WhiteWing home steam cleaner has two features that make it far better than cheaper models. Its 67-ounce tank can produce steam for almost two hours. The WhiteWing produces steam at 285? Fahrenheit, compared to under 250? F for less expensive home vapor steam cleaners. Added safety features protect against accidental burns, which is most important area of concern with all home steam cleaners

    Ladybug-xl2300: Ladybug vapor steam cleaner is one of the most powerful one in the market and is best for large homes or small offices. One big advantage over lesser steam cleaners is the Ladybug's continuous-fill tank, which means it is not needed to let the steam cleaner cool down before a refill. The Ladybug steam cleaner can heat water to 298? Fahrenheit -- best for killing bacteria, mold and viruses in large areas. Its 105-ounce tank capacity can steam continuously for nearly three hours.

    Steam Cleaners are today considered the best cleaning devices since they are not only able to clean, but also to disinfect. Cleaning with steam can also kill mold and dust mites.

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