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Koblenz Vacuum Cleaners Review

Koblenz vacuum cleaners can be referred to as amongst one of the largest manufacturing companies across the globe. It consists of around 2000 employees; inclusive of technicians, engineers, developers, researchers, and managers; all of them working towards improvement in people’s lives with activities they perform.

Koblenz vacuum cleaners provides a wide spectrum of ‘handheld’ cleaners; which have plenty of models to be chosen from. These devices can be used by kids; that too, without any harm. Its canister vacuums are also in great demand.

Here are some of the most popular models of Koblenz Vacuum Cleaners:

KC-1500 S Maxima Canister Vacuum – This vacuum consists of 1300 W/10 A motor. The other features include advanced ‘filtration’ system, 19-ft. cord having auto rewind feature, air blower function, pick up tool, on-board tools, and an inflator nozzle. Also, limited warranty of 1 year is provided with.

PV-3000-BX Wet/Dry All purpose PowerVac (Factory Serviced) – The aforementioned vacuum cleaner is capable of picking up any spill easily; irrespective of it being wet or dry; or on bare floors, upholstery, or carpets. It’s encompassed with an extremely powerful motor (1.5 peak hp). Also, this model can be easily converted in to an ‘air blower’. Tank capacity is ‘3 gallons’. Width of cleaning path is 10 inches. Household warranty is of 1 year; whereas commercial warranty consists of 90 days.

RT-3 Compact Wet/Dry Vacuum (Factory Serviced) – This vacuum cleaner cleans both; dry and wet materials. Moreover, it’s perfect with regards to immediate clean-ups in garages or workshops. Length of foot cord is 6 ft. Tank capacity is 3 gallons. This device can easily be converted in to air blower. Commercial warranty is of 90 days; whereas household warranty of 1 year.

B-1500-DC high Speed Burnisher – This model is provided with a ‘high speed buffer’, 20-inch cleaning pad, 1.5-HP P D C motor, Metallic construction, and limited warranty of 3 years. Length of power cord is 50 ft.

B-1500-FP High Speed Burnisher (Factory Serviced) – This vacuum cleaner can boast of high-speed buffer, cleaning pad having width 20 inches, and ultra-smooth balancing operation. Plus, it has been provided with limited warranty of 3 years.

DP-1334 Industrial Floor Machine – This vacuum comprises of 13-inch cleaning pad, motor (0.75 hp), polyethylene construction, power cord having length of 50 ft., and limited warranty of 3 years.

RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine – This machine has been designed got usage on the daily basis. Experienced technicians are advised to use this device; in particular. Capacity of motor is 1.5 hp. Limited warranty of 3 years is provided with.

TP-1710 Industrial Floor Machine – This device is simple to operate, easy-going, and adjustable. One wouldn’t get fatigued after using the product as it’s lightweight. Metallic construction ensures longer life-span. 3-year warranty has been provided on transmission and motor; whereas 1-year warranty is provided on workmanship and labor.

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