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Bissell Vacuum Cleaners

Bissell Vacuum Cleaners have been one of the leading brands since 1876. It has evolved from a carpet sweeper that Melville Bissell designed to help his wife Anna Bissell while cleaning. The model became a success and subsequently patented in 1883. Its manufacturing started in Bissell manufacturing plant at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Anna Bissell’s vision guided Bissell to expand its business of carpet sweeper to all over the world. Bissell introduced lightweight cleaners for the household purposes, which made the deep cleaning possible. It featured a built in heater for optimizing its performance.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner provides a very quick and easy cleaning solution which is effective in removal of dust mites and multiple allergens with advanced cleaning technology. Dust mites are major causes for allergic reactions and asthma and Bissell Vacuum Cleaners provide a permanent solution to these daily life problems. They are manufactured using 50% post consumer recycled plastics and, hence, their manufacturing process is environment friendly.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner has evolved considerably from the time its was first made. Continuous innovation and improvement give it a cutting edge advantage over other products of the category. New designs, mechanisms and brushes have been introduced continuously to match with contemporary taste and circumstances. As living spaces are becoming smaller, Bissell has introduced light weight vacuum cleaner with advanced technology and improved performances and accessories. Continuous product innovation, wide range of choices and an excellent after sale service make Bissell Vacuum Cleaners a preferred brand.

Some popular models of Bissell Vacuum Cleaner are as follows.

Bissell 3750 Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Bissell Vacuum Cleaners believe that a good and efficient vacuum cleaner should make the cleaning job easier. This vacuum cleaner is known for removing the dust properly. It is an upright vacuum cleaner which has an integrated container in the system and two motors which provide fixed speed for cleaning. The most attractive feature is its automatic rewind facility accompanied with head light and lift off.

Bissell 6594 Vacuum Cleaner: This is an upright styled vacuum cleaner supported with 1400 watts of power which enables it to perform tasks tirelessly and efficiently. Its powerful motors give an unmatched suction and the attached bin has a capacity of 3.75 liters. It is quite compact, stylish and also weighs less. An additional feature of triple filtration washable makes all the daily cleaning tasks very easy.

Bissell 3593 Vacuum Cleaner: It comes in bright hues giving it a good look and creating spacious feel. The features are designed to clean every edge and crevice with extreme efficiency. It is supported with plastic telescopic tubes, which gives it extra life and greater efficiency.

Bissell 5200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner: It is designed in an upright manner and is capable of capturing both wet and dry dirt. It is accompanied with many functions to consume less power and still performs all its duties keeping the house clean and free from allergens.

Bissell vacuum cleaners are approved and liked due to its excellent design and technical innovations.

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