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Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners is manufactured by Kirby which was founded in 1914. Kirby has its headquarters at Cleveland, Ohio. It is a subsidiary of Scott Fetzer Company and part of Berkhire Hathaway. It takes its name from its founder, Jim Kirby. It has been designed to clean deeply and protect against any exposure to indoor allergens. It is effective in maintaining a safe environment. Over the years, Kirby Vacuum Cleaner has emerged as a leader in home cleaning products.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners have been used over several decades in millions of households all over the world. In spite of a tough competition from various other brands, it has been successful in maintaining its name and fame in the market. It has been so because of its specialties which are mentioned below.

  • There are significant number of accessories crafted in the line of Kirby Vacuum Cleaners which are useful and give complete cleaning
  • The specially designed nozzles and brushes of Kirby Vacuum Cleaners work on all types of surfaces. The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner uses HEPA technology. The HEPA filters use Micro Allergen Technology.
  • The presence of sanding attachments adds to its merits of vacuuming purpose since it is very easy to clean up

    Although the name Kirby was not used until 1930, the model name with its impressive features was an instant success, with soaring sales. Kirby Vacuum Cleaners come with an assurance that no dust particle is blown back and this has been made possible due to the presence of HEPA filters. This feature is an important one for families with infants and for the people suffering from asthma and allergies. Kirby Vacuum Cleaners have some additional features. It can shampoo the carpets and wax the kitchen floor.

    Kirby offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners.

    Kirby Ultimate G Vacuum Cleaner: This set of product includes a Kirby G Vacuum with a manual, two disposable bags and an extra belt for best use. It also provides attachments such as carpet shampoo system.

    Kirby Sentria System: This is one of the best products offered by Kirby Vacuum Cleaners. Its striking feature is that it is made of die cast aluminum instead of plastic. It includes powerful airblow combined with HEPA 11 filtration system. The toe touch control offers proper cleaning height without much bending. It uses portable mode for removing dust and mist allergens.

    Kirby Vacuum Cleaner “500” Series: Suds-o-gun feature has been added to the sprayer. The hose and the bag have been redesigned and a new chrome plated swivel connector has been added to the wand end. The handle grip is made up of smooth plastic instead of ribbed rubber.

    Kirby Vacuum Cleaners heavily relies on direct sales which adds to the customer’s satisfaction. On the whole, it offers a complete home care system.

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