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Windsor Versamatic 14 Vacuum Cleaner

The Windsor Versamatic 14 Vacuum Cleaner with its unique and dependable features has caught the attention of the would-be customers. Windsor as always has again provided the users with an option which satisfies all their needs. The vacuum cleaner with its features such as the powerful motor, easy to use handle, larger exhaust filter and the rubber coated wheels provide the right mix of features any user wants from an effective vacuum cleaner. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner for people who have large areas such as offices, halls, hospitals etc. to be cleaned regularly with cent percent efficiency. It is also ideal for people wanting a much cleaner home compared to the performance of an average cleaner.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • The vacuum cleaner is an upright type.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a CRI Green Label which is an Indoor Air Quality Testing Program.

  • The vacuum cleaner is a 2 motor model powered by a powerful main motor of 1000 watt and 150 watt of brush motor.

  • The main motor is of 1000 watt with a water lift of 80 inches providing 105 CFM of suction.

  • The brush motor is of 150 watts with a 14 inch cord for better maneuverability.

  • The brush drive has a non-slip timing belt with electronic protection against overload.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a sound level of 66 decibels which is very good considering it has two motors.

  • The filter bag is a 5.3 liter top-loading enclosing with triple layering ensuring better performance.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a Micro Filtration system with efficiency of 99 percent up to a size of specks of 0.3 microns.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a 2 inch rubber coating which ensures that the cleaner can survive all the tear and wear.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a working width of 14 inches and a height of 48 inches.

  • The vacuum cleaner with a 14 inch cord has a weight of 19 lbs.


The vacuum cleaner is manufactured with advanced technology taking utmost precautions but considering human error as a probability, the company provides a warranty of three years against any manufacturing defects.


The vacuum cleaner has distinct advantages over other cleaners which makes it a perfect choice among the users. Some of them are as follows

Powerful motor: The vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1000 watt motor which implies a better performance in cleaning the area, appropriate for large areas such as halls, hospitals etc.

Flexibility: It has a convenient pull-out handle with an increased hose length which increases the flexibility in using the vacuum cleaner for the user. It is a certain advantage for users who have to clean far-off areas without plugging it again and again.

Ease to replace: The exhaust filter is large and easy to replace which lessens the chances of any damage to the filter doors when cleaning the areas.

Rubber-coated wheels: The vacuum cleaner has a 2 inch rubber coat which endures all the wear and tear while moving the vacuum cleaner in rough areas. The movement is quite smooth over uneven areas and is easy to move over thick carpets etc.

High Efficiency: The vacuum cleaner has a Micron Filtration with efficiency of 99 percent for specks of up to 0.3 microns.

CRI Green Label: The vacuum cleaner has a CRI green label certification. It is an indoor air testing program which endorses the cleaners cleaning above a certain level.

The Windsor Versamatic 14 Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect solution for all the requirements of users who want thorough cleaning in generally large areas.

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