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Windsor Sensor S12 Vacuum Cleaner

Windsor Sensor S12 Vacuum Cleaner is the latest, innovative and sleekly designed model of modern-day vacuum cleaners offered by Windsor. Having a reputation of manufacturing high quality vacuum cleaners, the sensor S12 vacuum cleaner serves its purpose well by ensuring easy, effective and perfect cleaning. This model can be trusted for efficiency and reliability as it can handle each and every kind of dirt and dust. It makes cleaning and handling absolutely trouble-free, leaving behind a dirt-free and healthy living space.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Adhering to the various industrial norms, Windsor Sensor S12 Vacuum Cleaner has the following features, as provided by the manufacturer:

  • 46 inches (117 cm) is the height and the width is 12 inches (31 cm).

  • 1.6 HP (horse power) being the vacuum motor power, the dirt-removal efficiency of Sensor S12 model is virtually unquestionable.

  • It utilizes 1200 Watt of power, with an airflow rate of 50 liters/ second. The operating electricity is 120 volt, 60 Hz.

  • It weighs about 8.2 Kg (18 Lbs) with the cable and 7.2 Kg (17 Lbs), without the cable. The weight of the handle is 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg).

  • The brush drive is enclosed, with a speed-controller and a non-toothed slip belt, preventing slip-ups. 5400 brush contacts per minute is the speed of the brush.

  • The sound level is just 69 dBA ensuring a quiet and noise-free cleaning.

  • It is loaded with upholstery tools and a crevice tools, as on-board tools. The dust layered bag is triple-layered and is 5.3 liters in capacity

  • An approval has been obtained from the CRI Indoor Air Quality Testing Program.


Windsor Sensor S12 Vacuum Cleaner has been warranted for two years. The motor and the pipe have a warranty of 2 years on it and the other non-wear parts and labor services have been warranted for a year each. Defective parts will either be replaced or refurbished, within the stipulated time frame, at the discretion of the manufacturer. Parts comprising each and every single unit of Windsor Sensor S12 have been assembled with great care and precaution. The model and make is of the highest degree. Windsor has been in the business of manufacturing home appliances for a long time now and has become a champion of durability and reliability.


Easy- Handling: This unit is equipped with an easy-grip handle and roll casters for easy and effortless handling.

Contemporary look: Designed stylishly, it looks like an adornment. It is an all rounder model. Beauty and efficiency, it has it all.

Quiet and Smooth Operation: It is virtually noise- pollution free, with a smooth and quiet operation.

Effective Cleaning: The cleaning power of the unit has been enhanced by 41%. It has a three-stage filtration process. 0.3 is the high-efficiency micron filtration level that traps up to 99.6% of the dust.

Electronic Control: If the bag is full or the brush is jammed, the electronic control model warns the operator of the unit. A manual brush has also been provided.

Windsor Sensor S12 vacuum cleaner offers unmatched reliability like no other vacuum cleaner. Equipped with modern technology and latest innovations, it matches up to the customer’s expectations.

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