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Sharp EC-S2370 Cyclonic Bagless Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Sharp EC-S2370 Cyclonic Bagless Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner, as the name goes, is a bagless vacuum cleaner that can be operated on any kind of flooring. The dust disposal system being cyclonic and ‘Liberty Quiet’ in operation, the unit is best suited for everyday residential purposes. Loaded with the power cyclonic technology, it compresses the dirt thus making it easy to drain off the dirt compartment.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

    Adhering to various industrial norms, Sharp EC-S2370 Cyclonic Bagless Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner has the following features, as provided by the manufacturer:

  • The dimensions of the product (in inches) are 15.3 (W) x 43.3 (H) x 13.7 (D) and it weighs 15.0 Lbs.

  • It is bagless and the filter system is equipped with the latest “True HEPA” technology.

  • The “True HEPA” technology helps filter 99.975% of dust mites. It is even effective in filtering dust mites the size of 0.03 microns.

  • The power supply needed is 120 Volt, 160 Hz. This shows the unit’s energy efficiency.

  • 1300 Watt is the motor wattage and the motor current requirement comes up to only 12 Ampere.

  • 12 inches is the width of the agitator.

  • Along with an automatic height adjustment system, it comes with a power cord that is 24 feet in height.

  • A unique feature of this unit is that it comes with a rug and floor selector. It can be operated upon any type of flooring, tiles and heavy rugs, making cleaning effortless.

  • Loaded with the “Liberty Quiet” technology, the product claims to be 15% silent and quieter than your normal vacuum cleaner.

  • The metal finish and the grey trim give the unit a contemporary look.


Sharp EC-S2370 Cyclonic Bagless Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner has been warranted for 2 years. Within the stipulated time frame, defects arising in the model will be replaced or refurbished at the discretion of the manufacturer. Sharp Electronics has been a reliable manufacturer of home appliances and each of its products has been assembled with great care and precaution. It has been manufactured for a long and faithful life, the model and workmanship being of the highest degree. In short, it is a thoroughly durable product.


The product has the following benefits:

Durable: Sharp Electronics being a champion of durability, this particular unit matches the standard set by the earlier products.

Energy- Efficient: Power consumed for the operation of the product is very less. This unit is doing its bit in being environment-friendly.

Contemporary Look: The metal finish and the black, sleek look give the unit a modern, contemporary look to enhance the beauty of your homes.

Quiet Operation: “Liberty Quiet” technology has been used to make the product noise-free. No buzzing or disturbance is caused.

Attractive On Board Tools: On board tools include a multi-purpose brush and a protective motor bypass system. The brush is used to clean various different surfaces. The fan and the motor are protected from hard objects by the motor bypass system

Sharp EC-S2370 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner can be operated on any kind of surface, thus proving its worth as one of the best modern-day residential vacuum cleaner.

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