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SEBO Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner Review

SEBO Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner lives up to the hype. It incorporates the new and enhanced features such as the s-class filtration system, automatic height adjustment system, on board accessories and ergonomic design, making it one of the best in its class. The vacuum cleaner is an automatic vacuum cleaner which implies that the height gets adjusted automatically to the height of the floor making it easy for the user to clean the uneven areas. The 12 inches wide cleaning path and 40 feet operating radius make it ideal for operating on large areas without plugging it again and again. The vacuum cleaners such as these make cleaning a enjoyable chore.

Manufacturer’s Specification

  • The vacuum cleaner is powered by a 1300 watts motor.

  • It has a 12 inches brush which can easily clean under the beds.

  • It has an s-class filtration system which can easily handle specks of dust.

  • It is a bagged type vacuum cleaner.

  • The vacuum cleaner has facilities for attaching HEPA filters which further enhance its performance.

  • The brush speed is 3100 rpm

  • The vacuum cleaner has an electronic shutdown system which shuts the system down when it detects a hitch in the working of the vacuum cleaner.

  • The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 16.9 pounds which is on the lighter side.

  • The sound level of the cleaner is 69 decibels which again is on the quieter side.

  • It is available in different colors such as white, red, navy, black and spring green.


SEBO has always been a brand obsessed with the performance of its products. SEBO uses the latest technology available and hence, chances of any manufacturing defect being present are very slim. However, SEBO keeping in mind the benefits the warranty scheme provides the users. For, SEBO Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner the company provides a warranty of 5 years on the motor and the working parts as well as a warranty of 1 year on labor.


SEBO Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner has left behind many other vacuum cleaners in the race because of its many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

Filtration system: The S-class filtration system ensures that no speck of dust is left behind while cleaning the area. The filtration system can capture allergens with 99% efficiency.

HEPA filter: The vacuum cleaner provides the option of attaching two HEPA filters to the users who are not satisfied with the s-class filtration system and still want an even cleaner area. The HEPA filter can capture dust with an efficiency of 99.9% for specks up to the size of 0.3 microns.

Automatic height adjustment: The special feature in this vacuum cleaner is the height adjustment feature which assists the user in cleaning the house. The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the height of the cleaner with that of the floor so as to clean more efficiently. Height adjustment features are available in other cleaners but they all are manual making this the coveted feature in the cleaner.

Automatic shutdown: The vacuum cleaner has electronic controls and automatic shutdown facilities which ensure that the cleaner is switched off once there is a glitch in the working of the machine. This automatic shutdown prevents any damage to the cleaner.

User-friendly: The vacuum cleaner has a 40 ft operating radius along with 12 inches cleaning path which can clean any corner of any area very effectively.

It is often said that SEBO makes intelligent machines rather than beautiful machines but this vacuum cleaner is a proof that SEBO can build an intelligent as well as a beautiful machine with all features and the looks. SEBO Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner is technologically one of the most advanced cleaners.

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