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SEBO C1.1 Vacuum Cleaner Review

SEBO C1.1 vacuum cleaner is an attractive and equally capable vacuuming unit. SEBO products are by and large preferred by professionals all across the globe and there are various reasons behind this. SEBO products are en epitome of quality and innovation. Over the years, SEBO has established itself as a reliable force in the electronic market. This vacuum cleaner too is hailed as a great prospective as it boasts of an array of some amazing technical and other innovative features and has the ability to perform the toughest of tasks with utmost ease.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • The vacuum motor draws a current of 10.8 Amps and has a power requirement of 1250 Watts

  • The air flow rate for this vacuum cleaner is 170 CFM (cubic flow per minute)

  • The range of the vacuum cleaner is about 34 feet

  • The length of the power cord used is 22 feet

  • The capacity of the filter bag used in the vacuum cleaner is about 1.4 gallons

  • The corresponding sound level during the operation of the vacuum cleaner is close to 63 dBA

  • Floor tools such as combination nozzle are included in the vacuum cleaner kit

  • This vacuum is generally available in teal green color

  • The product weights around 16 lbs


SEBO is one promising company where focus has also been on quality and ultimate customer satisfaction. The products have been consequentially high in their quality and standards. But with that little element of unpredictability that is always associated with an electrical commodity, cases of defects might crop up in some rare cases. To deal with those issues, a warranty of 3 years is provided on the non-wear parts and 1 year on labor. During the warranty period, the company will take care of all the problems associated with the product.


Every now and then when a SEBO product is launched, expectations are manifold. But the company has always excelled under the pressure and the features of this vacuum cleaner are simply mind- boggling. Here are some of them:

Effective Filtration System: The vacuum cleaner uses a 3-step filtration system via which the dust particles and other impurities are cleaned to the core. With a cleaning effectiveness of about 99.9%, this vacuum cleaner is ideally suited for people suffering from asthma or any other kind of allergies.

Stability and Resilience: This vacuum cleaner has a rigid construction and therefore it can effectively provide its services in the long-term.

Easily Movable: The vacuum cleaner features rubber coated wheels which not only helps in protecting the floor from any kind of scratch but also helps in the free movement of the vacuum cleaner around the house.

Handles Designed for Ease of Use: This vacuum cleaner uses ergonomic handles via which the cleaner can be easily operated without causing any unnecessary tiredness to the arms and wrists.

Technically Sound: The vacuum cleaner is fully equipped with various onboard tools which simplify the overall operation.

With the introduction of this vacuum cleaner, the magical and charismatic team of SEBO has once again proved beyond an iota of doubt that their products are unparalleled when it comes to quality. SEBO C1.1 vacuum cleaner is a classy product that is sure to rule the rosters in years to come. A “must” buy.

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