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Sanitaire SC5713 HEPA Filtration Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

With Disposable Dust Bag

The Sanitaire SC5713 HEPA Filtration Commercial Vacuum Cleaner provides powerful cleaning coupled with complete ease of operation and maintenance.
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It comes with an on board storage of tools that allows all the tools to be kept at one place and provides easy access when ever required.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • The unit comes with a disposable dust bag that has a capacity of 4.5 dry quarts.

  • It comes with a cleaning path of 13 inches that allows it to clean relatively large areas quickly and easily.

  • It has a stretchable hose that can be stretched to three times its normal size for effective cleaning.

  • The unit uses only 10 amperes of current while operating.

  • It has a power cord that is 40 feet long, which allows cleaning vast areas without the need of plugging and unplugging the unit.


A warranty of 1 year is offered on this vacuum cleaner and during this time the company promises to either repair or replace the unit free of charge if found defective in workmanship or materials used.


  • The unit is a powerful machine and has the ability to move up to 135 cubic feet of air in a minute, thereby providing effective cleaning.

  • Its motor gives a noise of only 73 decibels and boasts a long life, making it an ideal choice for areas where noise is a concern.

  • The hose can be stretched to almost 10 feet and has a large diameter that resists clogging from large dust and dirt particles and keeps up its normal operation.

  • The unit is also provided with a headlight that helps to see and clean properly in dark areas and corners.


  • The belt needs replacement after prolonged use but this can be easily ascertained by looking through the brush roll window.

Sanitaire SC5713 HEPA Filtration Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Sanitaire SC5713 HEPA Filtration Commercial Vacuum Cleaner uses the state of the art HEPA sealed filtration system for a complete cleaning. The filter can be washed and reused and hence helps save money in the long run as there is no need to buy disposable filters after regular intervals of time.

This filtration system has the capability to eliminate dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi, molds, spores and other unwanted particles as small as 0.3 microns in size from the area being cleaned. This extreme cleaning makes it a very popular choice as far as people suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems are concerned. A chrome steel handle makes it easy to transport from one place to another. To top it all, the unit is certified as a CRI Green Label and is hence environmental friendly while being a perfect cleaning machine at the same time.

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