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Royal MRY8300 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

General Review

Royal MRY8300 Upright Vacuum Cleaner falls in the category of ‘Vacuum Cleaners functioning according to pulse of the customer’. In other words, this model of Royal upright vacuum cleaners has every feature which one could ask for.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Motor Amperage: 10 A

  • Length of cord: 40 ft

  • Width of cleaning path: 14 inches

  • Nozzle width: 14 inches

    Special Features

  • Type of Vacuum: Upright

  • Type of brushroll: Quad along with speed indicator and stiffener

  • Quick Cord Release facilitated

  • Headlights included

  • Provision of Urethene Wheels

  • Scent Chamber included

  • Foot Pedal: Infinite

  • Filtration: HEPA-type paper bag and Microfresh

  • Handle: Comfort Grip


    Royal MRY8300 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has been provided with limited warranty of 7 years; with lifetime pertaining to motor housing, fancase, and nozzle. This states that within 7 years of date of purchase, one can get the device replaced or repaired; that too, absolutely free-of-charge; but, at the same time, through company technician.

    One should not forget that an outsider would not provide this service just like that. He/she would make it payable. This also states that motor housing, fancase, and nozzle can be checked till this product lasts; through company technician. Company would, by no means, bear the losses incurred on the part of customer due to defects caused in this cleaner.


  • Dual-edge cleaning technology

  • Adust-O-Rite Height Indicator made available

  • Ergonomically-designed comfort grip


  • Pricey

  • Heavier than its counterparts

  • Noisier than its counterparts

    Overall Review

    Royal MRY8300 vacuum cleaner is amongst the most sought-after products from Royal at present. Dual-edge cleaning technology has been embedded with; which helps in cleaning furniture and baseboards effectively. As such, cleansing job is made quite easy.

    One cannot forget the usage of self-propelled ‘Cushionaire’ feature as well as ‘wide wheel design’ to add to maneuverability. Amongst existing products from Royal, MRY8300 is considered to be the most advanced one.

    Its powerful 10 A motor provides increased suction in case of even the most tedious of ‘cleaning jobs’. Adust-O-Rite height indicator; with ‘automatic height adjustment system’ happens to identify appropriate nozzle setting as per height of the carpet; thereby having made vacuuming of floors effortless in the true sense.

    40-ft.vinyl-covered, kinkless cord lets one clean huge areas just on single outlet. Comfort grip handle, that is ergonomically-designed, ensures of 100% comfort at the time of cleaning. MRY8300 vacuum cleaner makes use of high-filtration ‘outer bag system’ that contains ‘top-fill Microfresh and HEPA-type paper bag’ to exercise control over allergens and dust.

    The unique selling point lies in its warranty period; which is as high as 7 years.

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