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Riccar 8955 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

General Review

Riccar 8955 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is inclusive of every standard feature; in addition to some extra ones. These extra features such as an ‘Advanced Plus pleated filter’ make this Riccar upright vacuum cleaner stand out from its counterparts.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Weight: 17.6 lbs

  • Width of vacuum cleaner: 14 ½ inches

  • Length of power cord: 33 ft

  • Motor Amperage: 12 A

  • Capacity of Dust Bag: 10 Quarts

    Special Features

  • Six-stage filtration

  • Color: Black

  • Full-width ‘xenon’ headlight

  • Filter Guard/Dust Bag Support

  • Agitator Brush Strips ‘replaceable’

  • ‘Motor Guard’ thermal switch

  • ‘Molded-in’ carrying handle

  • Bottom plate made up of chrome steel

  • Commercialized ‘all metal’ agitator

  • Electric ‘full bag’ monitor light

  • Height of vacuum can be adjusted as per placing of carpet

  • ‘Turbo Chamber’ brush roll tray

  • ‘Chrome Steel’ handle with ‘cushion grip’

  • Floor/Carpet selector switch

  • By-pass clean-air motor design


    Riccar 8955 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has been provided with limited warranty of 5 years (household) and 1 year (commercial). This states that within 5/1 years of date of purchase, one can get this vacuum cleaner replaced or repaired; that too, absolutely free-of-cost.

    However, company technician needs to be consulted for this purpose. An outsider would, on the contrary, end up making this service payable. It must be noted that company would not bear the responsibility of losses incurred on the part of customer due to defects caused in the vacuum cleaner.


  • Extension hose

  • Allergy filters included

  • Turbo mini vacuum included


  • Poor ‘edge cleaning’ at one side

  • Heavier as compared to its counterparts

  • Pricey

    Overall Review

    Riccar 8955 upright vacuum cleaner is accompanied with Manual Reset Thermal Fuse Protector. The basic function of this protector is that of preventing the cleaner from getting overheated owing to restriction with respect to air flow.

    If anything of this sort occurs, vacuum cleaner would be shut off at the next instant by ‘thermal fuse protector’; so that potential damage can be avoided. Riccars 8955 is specially being designed for removing ‘microscopic dust dirt pollen bacteria’ and pollution which none of the other vacuums touch.

    Filter system goes on to capture pollutants. At the same time, it doesn’t exhaust them (back) in to the room. Exhaust filter provided with these vacuums features and ‘advanced material filterate’ by 3M that captures around 99.97% of contaminants; thereby having made them an ideal choice for those prone to allergy.

    The finest part about the aforementioned vacuum cleaner is that the user need not be tech-savvy to operate it. All he/she has to do is to go through instruction manual thoroughly.

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