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Nutone VX550 Central Vacuum System Review

General Review

Nutone VX550 Central Vacuum System has been specially designed for homes having area up to 6000 sq. ft. As the name suggests, its two-stage motor delivers power of around 550 air watts.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Square Footage: 6000

  • Water Lift: 130 inches

  • Air Flow: 135 CFM

  • Air Watts: 550

  • Recommended Circuit: 20 A

  • Voltage: 120 V

  • Dimensions: 39 (H) X 17.5 (W) X 11.5 (D) inches

  • Dirt Capacity: 6 gallons

  • Length of power cord: 6 ft.

    Special Features

    • UL Listed

    • Trunk line can be connected to the device through dual vacuum air intakes from right, left, or both the sides

    • Bag needs replacement at least once in 6 months

    • Pail can be removed easily and quickly through over-sized debris pail handles

    • Sensing lights inform consumer about the timing when bag needs a change

    • Quiet operation ensured through ‘internal’ sound suppression system

    • Inclusive of utility inlet

    • Venting Option provided with

    • Built-in sound suppression system included


    Nutone VX550 Central Vacuum System has been provided with limited warranty of 4 years. This states that within 4 years of date of purchase, one can get this product replaced or repaired; that too, without having to shell out anything from the pocket. However, one needs to consult company technician for this purpose. An outsider would, on the other hand, end up charging something or the other. One must note that company would not bear the responsibility of losses incurred on the part of customer due to defects caused in this machine.


  • Quiet Operation

  • User-friendly

  • Trunk line can be connected from any side


  • Pricey as compared to its counterparts

  • Replacement bags not easily available

    Overall Review

    Those having homes up to 6000 sq. ft. would find the Nutone VX550 the perfect choice. Plus, the ones who desire a device that is a step ahead as compared to its counterparts also need to go for this model.

    It’s regarded as a front-runner with respect to vacuum cleaners available in the market. Oval shape saves a lot of space. One can infer that small home-owners can easily cope up with this model of vacuum cleaners.

    When bag has to be removed, one has to do nothing but open front-facing ‘door panel’; thereby having withdrawn full bag. Simple-to-use bag change mechanism executes the task of closing the ‘opening’ on an immediate basis after removal. This feature is extremely advantageous as whatever goes in, remains in.

    The construction has been made such that one need not worry regarding its maintenance at least for the next 9-10 years. Instruction manual has also been explained in lucid and plain language.

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