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Hoover UH50005B Anniversary Wind Tunnel Self Propelled Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH50005B Anniversary Wind Tunnel Self Propelled Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner provides easy, efficient and perfect cleaning, ensuring a healthy and dirt free living space. These upright vacuum cleaners are self propelled in nature thus making cleaning and handling absolutely trouble free.

This model can be trusted to handle every kind of dirt ranging from dust specs to pet dander, thus is a versatile vacuum cleaner. As Hoover is one of the first manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, it can be trusted for efficiency and reliability.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Primary features include a bag and the wind tunnel that is self-propelled. The vacuum cleaner is upright in construction and has a sleek stainless steel look making the product look like an adornment.

  • The working weight of the product is about 20.2 Lbs and the hand weight is about 21.2 Lbs, with a cord length of 31 feet.

  • The current drawn during the operation is 12 amps.

  • The stretch hose pipe length is 8 feet and the position can be adjusted up to five different locations.

  • Loaded with an HEPA media bag, the dust/pollen capture rate is 99.97%. This proves the efficiency of the unit.

  • Important features include a headlight, edge-cleaning bristles, 12 ‘Allergen Filtration Media’ vacuum bags and easy roll casters.

  • Other accessories included are a power hand brush, power hand tool, crevice brush, full bag indicator, upholstery brush, on board tools and many others.

  • Best for cleaning floors, upholstery and carpets.


Hoover UH50005B Anniversary Wind Tunnel Self Propelled Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner has been warranted for three years. All related parts and the labor service has been given an additional warranty of a year each.

Defective parts/units with either be replaced or refurbished at the discretion of the manufacturer. Each Hoover unit has been assembled with great care and precaution. Each unit rightfully boasts of workmanship and design of the highest degree.

Hoover has been in the business of manufacturing home appliances since the early half of 20th Century, and hence is known to be a champion in terms of reliability and durability.


Easy to Handle: As the product is self-propelled and comes with a bag, it reduces hassles for the customer.

Energy-Efficient: 12 amperes is the motor current required thus this unit does its bit in conserving energy.

Durable: Hoover is a known champion when it comes to durability and reliability. It has a long service life.

Contemporary Look: Equipped with a sleek and stainless steel coating, it gives a modern, refreshing feel to your house.

Effective Cleaning: This unit is equipped with an embedded ‘Dirt Finder’ that has dust sensors, thus helping in finding and sucking in dust more effectively.

Hoover UH50005B Bagged Upright vacuum cleaner has been loaded with modern technology and the best of innovations to ensure that it matches up to the customer’s expectations.

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