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Hoover U8181900 Savvy Bagged/Bagless Combo Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Hoover U8181900 Savvy Bagged/Bagless Combo Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a sure pass vacuum cleaner, which effectively combines the patented Wind Tunnel Technology and two air paths. This system is very efficient. It ensures in depth cleaning every time it is used.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • These are bagged as well as bags less combo upright vacuum cleaners from Hoover, which are specialized for cleaning the floors, carpets, upholstered furniture and air.

  • The HEPA filtration system and bags are capable enough to clean air and the task can be effectively carried out by both bagged or bag less vacuum cleaners.

  • The embedded debris is agitated and dislodged with the help of wind tunnels on the 12 amps vacuum.

  • The system also includes the on board accessories, some of them being the upholstery brush and the pet roller, along with a thirty one foot power cord.

  • There is an amazing embedded dirt finder in it which functions when the carpet is completely clean and when there isn’t a speck of dirt on it, it is only then that a green light turns on, to signify the same.

  • The low profile vacuum cleaner hood is so constructed so as to extend its reach under the furniture, and clean any kind of dirt from there.

  • A lifetime belt is of added help.

  • The marvelous Custom Control Switch is a switch which wondrously allows cleaning from carpet to bare floor within a flick of a switch.

  • The HEPA filter can proficiently trap all the unwanted dust mites, ragweed and common grass pollens, to make the cleaning effectual.


Despite the best efforts to achieve perfection in the mechanism, the unpredictability and complexities of machinery always creates doubts in the minds of the customers. In order to ensure that the customers develop a brand loyalty towards the product, a one year limited warranty is available.

This implies that within a stipulated period which is one year in this case, if the product malfunctions in any way, the product parts will be replaced or substituted with an improved version of it. This will help in developing faith and trust among customers towards the product.


The Hoover U8181900 Savvy Bagged/Bagless Combo Upright Vacuum Cleaner has innumerable benefits, which have been summed up as follows:

Specialized cleaning tool for pet hair: The powerful Hoover vacuum cleaner has the advanced Wind Tunnel Technology and the rotating brushes. These technologies are used for removing the unwanted pet hair and the highly repugnant unpleasant dirt from the stairs and upholstery. This increases the productiveness of the product.

Appropriate 15” width vacuum cleaner quickens the process: The suitable width of the vacuum cleaner makes the process faster. The cleaning process is not only productive but also takes less time.

Working Conditions: The working conditions include 12 Amps of motor current along with a 120 Volts power supply. Thus the vacuum cleaner consumes less power can easily be put to use.

Sleek Design: The design of the product is sleek and classic and appropriately fits in today’s scenario.

The customer satisfaction has been given a prime priority. The needs and necessities of the people are the topmost priority. So with all these features, this vacuum cleaner is indeed worth a shot.

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