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Hoover U5786900 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

General Review

Hoover U5786900 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has been endowed with patented ‘WindTunnel technology’. Powerful, deep-down bagless ‘cleaning performance’ gets delivered by Hoover systems.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Dimensions: 39.5 X 16.5 X 10.2 inches

  • Weight: 26 pounds

  • Power Cord: 31 ft.

    Special Features

  • Bagless upright cleaner; hence, replacement bags not required

  • Deluxe stretch hose

  • On-board tool set

  • Pet-hair tool to clean upholstery

  • Embedded DirtFinder System

  • Bottom-empty dirt container

  • Non-marring wheels

  • Ergonomic D-grip handle

  • Five-position height adjustment


    Hoover U5786900 Upright vacuum cleaner has been provided with limited warranty of 3 years. This states that within three years of date of purchase, one can get parts/motor of this vacuum cleaner replaced or repaired; that too, without paying for anything. However, company technician would be the only person to offer such service. An outsider would make it payable. It must be noted that company would not bear the responsibility of losses incurred on the part of customer due to defects caused in this vacuum cleaner.


  • Dust collection bagless Cons

  • Cannot be carried along and used

    Overall Review

    Hoover U5786900 Anniversary WindTunnel Bagless Upright is said to deliver deep-down performance with regards to cleaning. It makes use of 3 discreet air channels for lifting and trapping dirt, thereby having kept it from ‘scattering’ back in to carpet. This lets dirt being in cleaner; rather than on floor.

    With green and red lights, embedded ‘DirtFinder System’ depicts regions which might require greater attention on the count of cleaning. Green ‘clean’ light stays ‘ON’ during vacuuming; except for the time when detector senses greater quantity of dirt. Thereafter, red ‘dirty’ light illuminates; suggesting extra vacuuming in this region till light reverts to green.

    The entire unit traps around 99.97% of pollens and dust down to even 0.3 microns; credit: HEPA filter. Furthermore, it makes provisions for ‘deluxe stretch hose’, along with on-board ‘tool set’ to facilitate ‘above-floor’ cleaning. Dirt and pet hair can be removed from carpeted stairs and upholstery through ‘pet hair tool’ which contains rotating brushes.

    The other details are inclusive of non-marring wheels encompassed with ‘bearings’ to serve carpets and also for ‘safe use’ on ‘bare floors’, ergonomic D-grip handle to add to control and comfort, bottom-empty dirt container which aids in keeping hands clean, and many more. The aforementioned vacuum cleaner is accompanied with fingertip off/on power control, edge-cleaning bristles, 5-position height adjustment, and no-touch filter-cleaning system to enable enhanced performance.

    Instruction manual has been printed in a plain and lucid language. Hence, a non-technical person need not panic regarding its operation. Just a glance through the manual would do everything.

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