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Hoover U5760910 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

General Review

Hoover U5760910 Upright Vacuum Cleaner helps in keeping floors spick and span; i.e. completely free from dust, animal hair, drag-ins and spills from outside. Hoover U5760910 WindTunnel Bagless Upright has everything which one can strive for having a clean house.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Cleaning Path: 15 inches wide

  • Motor Amperage: 12 A

  • Stretch Hose: 14 ft.

  • Power Cord: 31 ft.

  • Dimensions: 13 X 15 X 43 inches

  • Weight: 25.1 pounds

  • Motor Volts: 120 V

    Special Features

  • WindTunnel Technology

  • Dual-edge groomers

  • Multi-level height settings

  • Broad cleaning path

  • Powered pet hair tool to clean stairs, furniture, and upholstery

  • Huge twin chamber bagless system

  • 100% of allergens trapped by HEPA filter

  • Fingertip off/on controls

  • Embedded dirt finder


    Hoover U5760910 Upright vacuum cleaner has been provided with limited warranty of 1 year. This states that within a year of date of purchase, one can get parts/motor of this vacuum cleaner replaced or repaired; that too, without spending anything on it. However, this service can be availed of only if company technician is consulted. An outsider would, on the other hand, end up charging something. It must be noted that company would not bear the responsibility of losses incurred by customer due to defects caused in the aforementioned vacuum cleaner.


  • Strong suction

  • Hepa Filter

  • Power Tools


  • Pricey

    Overall Review

    WindTunnel technology that has been used in Hoover U5760910 Upright vacuum cleaner makes use of computer-designed air ducts for providing an extremely powerful dual-air system; with the objective of enhancing dirt pick-up capabilities.

    This design lessens scattering of wreckage; which is common to several vacuum cleaners. WindTunnel Bagless Power Nozzle contains electronic ‘finger-touch’ variable speed control; apart from remote fingertip off/on.

    There is also a remote fingertip ‘brush’ roll of/on. As per experts, Hoover U5760910 WindTunnel Bagless Upright picks up greater quantity of dirt as compared to the other vacuum cleaners. Edge groomers, as the name suggests, help in cleaning of edges.

    One can seek respite from pet hair through this product as it works great towards it. Construction material is mostly plastic; hence, the product would not rust or get affected by water. Moreover, the operation is not all that tough; if instruction manual is gone through.

    Hoover has taken every care in bringing about user’s manual in a plain and lucid language; so that, even a non-technocrat would easily be able to grasp the working of Hoover U5760910 WindTunnel Bagless Upright. One can look upon this vacuum cleaner as a life-time investment; as one need not look back after buying it once. It’s cool going!

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