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Electrolux Precision 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vacuum Cleaner Review

Electrolux Precision 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vacuum cleaner is a product from Electrolux which meets your basic needs of cleaning your house-hold in a wonderful way. Its excellent features will fit to your place perfectly. This 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner can be used in both ways using the stick or the hand-held unit. Its enhanced features such as bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaning, effortless 180 degree cleaning makes it different from other vacuum cleaners available. It works with a voltage supply of 9.6 volt and is rechargeable thus can be used even when there is power failure.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • The product measures 42 inches in height and is very light-weight in construction having a weight of 5.5 lbs only.

  • The vacuum cleaner works on a power supply of 9.6 V.

  • Its Dust holding capacity is 0.3 quarts. The unit is equipped with easy-empty dust cups.

  • With a 4 stage filtration process, the vacuum cleaner filters materials very minutely.

  • No dust collecting bags are required as it is bagless vacuum cleaner.

  • The unit consists of two vacuums in one.

  • It has 180 degree, dual axis swivel neck for easy reach and effortless cleaning.

  • The vacuum cleaner is battery powered, Hence it can be used during power failures.

  • Rechargeable units are present as built in charging stands.

  • The vacuum cleaner can be readily converted from stick to hand-held unit.

  • It is provided with Cyclonic suction technology.

  • The Cordless can easily be transported.

  • The vacuum cleaner is provided with two kinds of tools: crevice tool and handvac tool.

  • The unit contains motorized brush rolls and hence it has strong dust attracting capacity.

  • The vacuum cleaner covers a wide range of 10 inches as its cleaning path.


Electrolux Precision 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vacuum cleaner covers a warranty of 2 years on each and every part. The warranty covers replacement of the damaged parts and the labor charges in repairing. However, the warranty is void in case of any breakage.


Rechargeable Units: The vacuum cleaner consists of a battery and built in charging stands. This helps to use the product during power failures also. Being battery powered, one can enjoy its benefits using it outdoors. Also, the built in charging units frees you from the tension of carrying a different charging unit.

Cyclonic Suction Technology: This technology enables the vacuum Cleaner to attract the dust particles strongly. Moreover the brush rolls are provided with motors which help in cleaning floors and carpets very easily and quickly.

Conversion from stick to hand: This is another advantage of this product. It can be readily converted from stick to hand and can be used to clean areas which are hard to reach.

Filtration: The four stage filtering helps to filter the dust as much as possible and very minute particles are filtered away and rest go into the dust cup which is very easy to empty and can easily be removed from the vacuum cleaner.

Bagless vacuum cleaner: The cleaner contains the dust cup with a capacity of 0.3 quarts and hence there is no need of purchasing extra bags to collect the dust and hence the cleaner is convenient to use.

Effortless cleaning: The vacuum cleaner consists of neck pivoted at one end and it can be moved 180 degrees ensuring effortless cleaning. Moreover it covers a cleaning path of 10 inches which helps in fast vacuuming of the area.

With all the enhancements provided, the Electrolux Precision 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vacuum cleaner definitely stands out among the other commercial vacuum cleaners.

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