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Electrolux Intensity Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Electrolux Intensity Upright Vacuum Cleaner created the concept of an upright vacuum cleaner. It was further made efficient by eliminating the bulk and improvising on the suction power. This has been designed for proficient cleaning of the floors, without causing any kind of unwanted inconvenience for the user.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • The powerful HEPA filtration and the sealed system design are helpful in minimizing the irritating particles from re-entering the air.

  • The system works with a power supply of 12 Ampere motor.

  • The especially designed 3” air path increases the suction power, such that the dirt has to pass merely 3” to the bag.

  • The upstairs linen closet gets special treatment because of the unique design of the vacuum cleaner. The system has a collapsible folding handle. It is really easy to handle, and occupies minimal space.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a telescopic wand, ergonomically designed handle with rubber grip. It further has 2 large rubber coated wheels on the canister, along with 2 small wheels on the brush head. This makes it easy to operate with the required comfort ensured for the user.

  • The vacuum cleaner can be switched off or on according to the desire of the user with the mere push button available on the system.

  • The brush head can be adjusted to the required height depending on the kind of carpet that needs vacuuming.

  • The indicator lights provide the necessary indications. The blue light turns on to imply that the vacuum cleaner is running properly. The red light representing the bag and filter turns on to imply that the vacuum cleaner needs to be attended to. And in case, the light flashes on and off, it signifies that there is something wrong in the functioning and immediate attention of the user is desired.


The Electrolux Intensity Upright Vacuum Cleaner has a warranty of two years. Despite every effort to attain perfection in its construction, the unpredictability of the machinery always keeps any machine under doubtful grounds. The customer faith and trust towards the product is won over through the warranty scheme.


Easy filters and dust bags: The filters and dust bags are accessible and such that it changes a breeze easily. The HEPA filter can snap in and out of place. The dust bag has been labeled to avoid confusion or ambiguity as to which way it moves in.

Portable and takes less storage space: The compact vacuum cleaner can be folded to the size of a canister vacuum for storage. It is really easy to handle because of this and can be kept in very little space.

Easy maneuvering: The system is very easy to handle and operate. It works exceptionally well when it comes to sucking the dirt and debris from the floor and the carpet.

Large carry handle: The large carry handle provides for easy transportation from one place to other without any kind of discomfort.

Automatic cord rewind: The automatic cord rewind is a huge attraction in the system. The messy straps were a minus point which has been overcome in this particular product.

The vacuum cleaner uses the best technology to overcome all the imperfections of the system. The customer convenience is given prior importance. Further the efficiency and intensity is also given supremacy.

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