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Bissell Velocity Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell Velocity Vacuum Cleaner is a revolution in the business of vacuum cleaning. This product is structured utilizing the ergonomic lightweight design and is provided with patented multi-cyclonic technology for extended suction power.

Using strong 12 Amps motor and surround suction powered dual edged rotating turbo-brush; it powerfully lifts up even the slightest bit of dirt from the corners of your home. Built with lavish style, the vacuum cleaner allows you to clean the hard to reach areas with its 35 ft long cord and helps you to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • The vacuum cleaner is perfectly structured measuring 30.7"x10.8"x15.2" (in inches) and is very light in weight using the ergonomic technology with a weight of just 23.15 pounds.

  • ItÂ’s powerful motor works on a current supply of 12 Amps.

  • The unit uses a Multi-Cyclonic technology to provide extended suction power to the vacuum cleaner.

  • It has a wide cleaning path of 15 inches, which allows quick vacuum cleaning.

  • The cleaner can be used to reach the corners of the room using the 35 ft long cord.

  • The vacuum cleaner is of upright cleaning type.

  • HEPA filter is provided with the vacuum cleaner. This gives you a completely healthy environment as the filter traps the allergens and germs.

  • The vacuum cleaner comprises of 7 height adjustments to clean at different heights.

  • It is bagless vacuum cleaner and comes with easy empty containers which free you from the worry of purchasing and replacing bags.

  • Hose reach capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 14 ft thus there is easy reach to every area.

  • The unit is provided with easy Vacuum belt change system.

  • All the onboard tools like upholstery brush, wand, crevice tools and more are provided with the cleaner which helps to use the cleaner conveniently.

  • The unit allows dual cyclone separation system and comprises of filter clean indicator.


Bissell Velocity Vacuum Cleaner comes with a complete one year warranty. The warranty covers the replacement of all the damaged vacuum cleaner parts without any labor charges. However the warranty is void in case of breakage.


Multi-Cyclonic Technology: The patented multi-cyclonic technology provides strong suction power to the vacuum cleaner. Thus it can capture dirt materials very strongly.

Ergonomic Design: The advanced ergonomic design provides lightweight structure to the vacuum cleaner. Thus it is very convenient to carry from one place to other.

Complete Assortment of On Board Tools: The vacuum cleaner is provided with a complete collection of on board tools which makes the cleaner efficient and is very easy to use.

Bagless and Upright: The cleaner is Bagless and comes with easy empty containers which give it an added advantage. The upright vacuum cleaner also has easy to change vacuum belt system.

Turbo-Brush: This turbo brush provides strong dirt collecting power to the vacuum cleaner as its brush rolls are motorized. Foot activated brush off pedal and scatter shield for superior bare-floor cleaning and the rotating brush action provides deep cleaning to your place.

Other Features: The 7 Height adjustment settings, on board tools, HEPA filtering and many more features provided with the cleaner makes it the best in the work of vacuuming.

With the ergonomic light-weight design and powerful cleaning action, Bissell Velocity Vacuum Cleaner proves to be the worthiest of all the available commercial vacuum cleaners.

The use of the most recent technology and design accomplishes the cleaner with the best of the vacuum ratings and thus it will definitely help you with stress free cleaning.

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