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Bissell Lift Off Revolution Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell Lift Off Revolution Vacuum Cleaner has yet again proved that the good reputation it enjoys among the customers stands justified. The Lift-Off Revolution vacuum cleaner is another feather in the cap for Bissell.

The vacuum cleaner with its special features such as the height adjustment feature, the soft bumper which cannot get any softer, the twist and snap hose which can be twisted to any shape to clean each and every corner of the house and the easy empty dirt container are a perfect combination for a vacuum cleaner desired by most people. It is a boon for people who do not want even a single speck of dust in their home.

Manufacturer’s Specification's

  • The vacuum cleaner is an upright type.

  • The dust collection is bagless enhancing its performance.

  • The vacuum cleaner has been fitted with indicators which shows when the filters need to be changed.

  • The vacuum cleaner is powered with a motor with maximum current of 12 amperes which enables thorough cleaning.

  • The filter is the HEPA type which ensures enhanced cleaning of the house.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a power brush type.

  • The cleaning path is 15 inches long with a 30 feet long power cord, lending the machine maximum maneuverability.

  • The vacuum cleaner has 7 different height settings.

  • The vacuum cleaner measures 13.8 inches along the width, 14.8 inches along the depth and 44 inches along the height.

  • The cleaner weighs about 21.8 pounds and comes in a silver color.


Vacuum cleaners from Bissell are made with the best available technology and skilled technicians which negates the chances of any manufacturing defects being present in the equipment.

The vacuum cleaners are thoroughly inspected before being sent to the market so that there is no chance of any complaints from the customer.

However, considering the worst case scenario of a defect, Bissell provides a warranty of 1 year on Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Vacuum cleaner during which any defect present in the vacuum cleaner will be rectified the company.


A vacuum cleaner like the Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Vacuum Cleaner has many advantages over other vacuum cleaners in the same category. A few of them are mentioned below

Powerful Motor: The vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor with a maximum current of 12 amperes which thoroughly cleans the carpets, floors and rest. The powerful motor ensures that not a single speck of dust is left behind.

Revolution Technology: The vacuum cleaner is attached with revolution system which helps in cleaning the dust; thus, further enhancing the performance levels of the vacuum cleaner.

Flexibility: The vacuum cleaner has 15 inches of cleaning path combined with 7 different settings for different carpet and floor types. The different settings allow the user to use it more effectively under different situations enhancing the cleaner’s utility.

HEPA Filter: The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filtration system which ensures that 99 percent of the dust particles and the allergens present in the air are removed. It helps in the improvement of existing health standards.

Accessories: Certain accessories are also provided with the vacuum cleaner such as a telescopic wand, a turbo brush, a canister shoulder strap, an extra set of filters which are quite helpful in the longer running of the equipment.

A Bissell Lift Off Revolution Vacuum Cleaner is just the perfect solution to a user’s requirement of an effective vacuum cleaner with certain special features making it ideal for the customer.

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