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Bissell Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner is a sort of product that is quite experimental in nature, yet very alluring and mainstream with its amazing features. Bissell has always set high standards for itself ever since they came into existence.

Yet again, all the expectations have been fulfilled with the introduction of this vacuum cleaner. A lot of thought and hard work has been put into the designing and manufacturing of this vacuum cleaner. Household cleaning with vacuum cleaners were supposed to be quite a tedious task but this vacuum cleaner might do its bit in changing people’s mindset.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • The model number for this vacuum cleaner is 50C9

  • The special product features include fingertip power and brush controls

  • The vacuum cleaner draws a current of 12 Amps during the operation

  • The cleaning path of this bagless vacuum cleaner is closed to 15 inches

  • It can be effectively used to clean surfaces like carpets, bare floors, upholstery and stairs

  • The vacuum cleaner uses a multi-cyclonic separation system and HEPA filtration system

  • It is equipped with a lifetime belt which can be changed easily and no tools are required for that

  • This vacuum cleaner has about 7 surface settings which further facilitates the job of cleaning

  • It has a 15 inches rotating brush

  • The hose style is clear with wire reinforced

  • The additional tools include upholstery tool, crevice tool, telescopic extension wand and tooth brush


The products manufactured by Bissell are well known for their credibility and stability as some of the best minds and an equally talented labor force are behind their fabrication. The belief and the confidence of the company are clearly evident with the fact that this vacuum cleaner has a 5 years limited warranty scheme. Thus, if a product has such kind of backing, the customer hardly asks for anything more.


    Bissell Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner is certainly unmatched when it comes to cleaning capabilities. Not just that, there are several other features that stand out. Some of them are:

    Durable and Long-lasting: This bagless vacuum cleaner can be effectively and efficiently used for years without any difficulty. The 5 years warranty provided by the company is a testimony to the fact that these vacuum cleaners are absolutely unparalleled when it comes to resilience and stability.

    Superior Cleaning: With 3 height adjustments and powerful 9X cyclonic action, this vacuum cleaner is capable enough to tackle any kind of dirt with utmost ease.

    Extensive Reach: With a cleaning path of about 15 inches, dirt from each and every single corner of the room can be cleaned. Thus a healthy living environment is ensured at home.

    Convenience and Suitability: The customer does not need to buy extra bags to clear up the dirt collected as the vacuum cleaner is endowed with an easy to empty dust container.

    Additional Tools: The additional tools provided with the vacuum cleaner such as upholstery tool, crevice tool, telescopic extension wand and tooth brush further assists in the cleaning operation.

    Affluent with sharp and one-off features, Bissell Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner is not a bad deal at all. The product will indeed carry on the legacy of the company and will help it achieve greater heights.

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